by Otis Infrastructure

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Recorded in summer 2014

Special thanks to...

Dan Singer, Joey Antico, Trevor Nierendorf

Miles Essner, Phil Chinitz, Lena Freed

Kyle Sammis, Alex Mamunes, Jack Stansbury, Alex Cohen, Michael Lawrence, Morgan Fecto, Asher Meerovich, and so on. Everyone, really.

Album art by Eric Gabriel. Check out more of his cool drawings here:


released August 26, 2014



all rights reserved


Otis Infrastructure College Park, Maryland

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Track Name: Minimalism
find my tainted cell
in the great wide ocean
give it a rattle
tell it it's nothing

tanning oil for sale
buy my shit, it's all on the grass
need to reduce, reuse, recycle
I am a greenhouse gas

fray all the comforts, melt all the cushions
flying north with the misguided birds
strip me down, down to the minimum
too many words, too many words (x2)

find me a coat check with all the cushions
flying south to the home of the blue
build me up, up the maximum
words will do, cause words still do
Track Name: Raft
running water, running water
taking candid photos of the water
and rafts
and people getting into rafts
and how their long, lanky legs
refract the sun into my eyes
and how funny love looks
from the shore
(or) from a parked car
until I realized I was drowning all along
Track Name: Almonds
my skin, is pale
I've been hiding for so long
in the crawl space, in the attic
in my bedroom, in my dreams

white hot exile, cold arrangement
I want to be found
in the crawl space, a winding attic
burned my bedroom, torched my dreams

don't use me
for my warmth it isn't free
you took my car and crashed it in the sea
and slashed down all the apples from the tree

oh, it's so painful
to be old enough to drive
to be called on, expectations
in the morning, when you're sick

circular breathing, choking motion
I'm running out of clothes
where's the crawl space, where's the attic
by god, I'm so exposed

don't use me
for my warmth it isn't free
you took my car and crashed it in the sea
and slashed down all the apples from the tree

don't use me
but I'm pretty sure that's just an empty plea
you took my car and crashed it in the sea
and now I can't stop lusting to be free
Track Name: Rain
no rain, today
no rain, please, tomorrow

I live by the lake
in a flimsy clapboard shack
so don't drown me in my sleep
don't kick me in the back

the city can dry up
cause the city will drink me up
and catch lightning in a cup
and call it pot luck

you're so utilitarian
you're so cold and composed
I'll just swell under the water
so we're both cold, we're both cold
Track Name: Down
don't be late
for your own portrait hanging

traded in your blues
for the crisp and the quick and the warm

but a smile is never real
when it hangs there so softly

not the faintest twinge
a stapled jaw, so fashionable

it's all coming now
I can feel it in my skin
running in circles now
as we try and trap the rabbit
Track Name: Peanuts
"blah blah"
in a letter
a toothless baby
describes the weather

"ah ah"
it's green again
one hundred and ten
days without zen

we never feign
we're always faint
you see that battered vein?
it's peanuts and it's paint

I'm a writer
a writer by trade
but really a compiler
a compiler of "oh"

a hearty "ah ah"
and a "la da da"
spells out my name
rename my name

that's fucking great
you finished your whole plate
of slop, of slime, of thick, mucky, salty grime
but you don't know the essence of your hate

keep on prodding
keep on prodding till it bursts
like a pimple
smash the ant-farm, keep in terse

there’s a geyser
so much water that you’d burst
too much drinking
I spilled coffee in your hearse

I'm the worst
I'm the words
that the plane drops down at it flies through the wisps of clouds and all is gray and sound but still there’s no way you’ll be able sum up anything so you keep on spewing and spewing and spewing till you give up on chasing your tail around the tree around the tree around the tree around the tree
Track Name: Standby
I'm on standby out of here
the diving board wobbles but the water's clear

I'm on standby out of here
the "great wide ocean" crashing near