The Red, Red Robin

by Otis Infrastructure

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Recorded at WMUC between February and June 2015


released June 25, 2015

Joey Antico- Drums, Percussion
Dean Essner- Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Grand Piano, Saxophone
Thomas Lardner- Keyboards, Trumpet, Trombone
Dan Singer- Bass, Cello, Keyboards, Backing Vocals
John Stackpole- Guitar, Bass, Keyboards

Nicholas Calvitt- Guitar on “Furniture” and “Don’t Do It”
Nora Keller- Violin on “I’m Always Thinking” and “Better You Than Me”

Produced + Mixed by Thomas Lardner and John Stackpole

Mastered by Steve Corrao at Sage Audio

Dialogue from Francis Ford Coppola's 1974 film "The Conversation" in "I'm Always Thinking," "The Illiterate Light" and "Encrypted Things"

Special Thanks:
WMUC, Trevor Nierendorf, Mike Houser, Robby Bowen, Phil Chinitz, Julie Kearney, Morgan Fecto, Paul Essner, Dave Jenkins, Michael Lawrence, Sean Gilmour, Kacey + Steven Stewart, Casey Whitman, Asher Meerovich and so on...



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Otis Infrastructure College Park, Maryland

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Track Name: In The Aftermath Of Something
In the aftermath of something
But I can feel nothing
Nothing at all

The data hints at something
Some shift in line
Some altered arc

I'll cut my finger, I'll slash my knee
I want to recognize
And bleed into your bleeding

Blood flows from the brain
An ancient circuit no one can explain
But is there any pain?

For a highway choked by rain
Pelting down the plain
A short-lived water stain
I'm a short-lived water stain

So obliged
To watch the sunset
To feel the feeling of warmth escaping

Read a pamphlet
Drink a cola
Do the dishes
Flip the channels

Something vague
In my brain
Something vague
Never conveyed

Something vague
Fades away
The death of code
The narrow frame
Track Name: Furniture
I am exposed
To the floor, the couch, the walls, the chairs, the stove
A fired flare is swallowed by the air
And shocked back into me, subtly, a drone

Nothing ever dies it's true
Watched, taped, intruded, a furnished room
Smash open the sculpture, break all glass
And find my words, in writing, in a loom
Track Name: Stay Frames
Window dressing
Feigning, outside
Casing, placing
Smiles, racing,
Heartbeat, war fleet,
Main street, cold feet,
Feasible, easier
Spun into a spun into a...

I know
It'll go away
So I'll blink through the red lights
The ashes, the flashes,
Return, to the frame
Through which I saw you yesterday

Removing the spaces
Between us, streamlined,
A slipstream, a river,
A rapid, I'm vapid,
No grasping, no logic,
No phrasing, no language,
No numbers, no numbers
No numbers, no numbers...

On a line
On a vine
An epitaph, a gorgeous graph
That says
I broke the plane
For a second, a minute
An hour, it's over now.
Track Name: Better You Than Me
What if a great gust of wind came and knocked that building over?
Brick and stucco and bodies meshed in with the traffic
Would it all be a roadblock or just a funny diversion?
No cause for alarm when there's no self-harm

'Better you than me,' she say, it'd ripple through the crowd
'Better you than me,' we'd recite, feeling it now

A murmur down into the subway through some power lines
And back above ground
Lost in the shuffle of other voices
Growing muscle, getting lean, gaining light

Saying the same thing, but something else entirely

For awhile
I lost you
In that crowd
It swallowed you up
Spit you out
Broke your limbs
Cut your hair
It's just your fare

'Better you than me'
Track Name: The Illiterate Light
You can't hide from
The illiterate light
Clear conscience
Real world bite
Oozing something
In the night
Morning after
Spurs a fight

I've been known to
Get real caught up
With my own head
Get lost in waves and words
And I can swim through molten lava
You can't swim through molten lava

I can't hide from
The illiterate light
Oozing something
Start to cry
Morning after
Who died?

All on the floor
And out through the door
The same as before
All of my code
It's there on the floor
The same as before
The same as before you
Track Name: Don't Do It
A tangled knot of wires
Sprouting out of me
Copper, rubber, power, fire
A helix through my sleeve
I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you
But set me free
Who loves you, who loves you, they'll show you they love you
With sparse shocks of electricity (x2)

Don't do it (x8)

I'm not really sure what I want you to do
So I'll latch on the landline and come back to you
I'm not really sure what I want me to do
So I'll crawl up the circuit and come back to you (x3)
Track Name: Real Time
Contract day, retrograde
Will the radiation ever fade?
The evening glow of the lamplit snow
Watery eyes from sooty skies

A fuzzy head from baseball bats
You bashing, mashing autocrats
Solder the wires and cue me in
I'm addicted to the din

I'm dying in real time

Squinting hard, dried of luck
Your electric fan contrives my tear ducts
I'm not crying, I'm just tired
It's all the same

The threat of truth and who are you
To claim what's real and not
But real's a bygone bird that flew to fast
Every sand speck rattles the hourglass

But I'm living in real time
In my prime
I'm living in real time
Track Name: Encrypted Things
Bicycle spokes and water shoes
Celery stalks and murder clues
Very loose the endless noose
Of patterns, paths, and timeless hues

The deafening sound of the outside world
Tiny at first and then unfurled
It loved me once but then it twirled
So I walked right down the lane

My body is encrypted
With everything predicted
And when I tried to rip it up
I realized that was scripted

The deafening sound of the outside world
Everything is the outside world
Here I am in the outside world
But I can't compute a thing